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We work with professional, as well as amateur writers. We provide equal opportunities for all to contribute.

Send over your article and our editors will review it, publish it in your name, and notify you when it goes live – we appreciate it.

Your article will be potentially viewed by more than 70,000 people who visit.

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We work with sales partners and representatives who promote the marketing blog for advertising.

Fill in the form, we will review and schedule a meeting following which we will send you our sales and marketing materials.

Favorable terms and an honest progression based Ad commission structure.

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If you are a media channel or an influencer contact us for cross-marketing, or any other collaboration opportunities.

Email us your concept and we will get back to you within several days – if we like the idea, we will schedule a meeting.

All about marketing is open minded, even to the most bizarre of ideas – surprise us.

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if you have any issues on, or about the website; if you want to contribute to the blog, partner or promote then please use this form to contact us. It usually takes 3 business days to answer a formal request, such as becoming a contributor, sales or media partner, and a week for all other correspondence, including: abuse reports, content errors, offensive content, bad links, unsubscribing, random questions, fan letters and random requests for information or otherwise – community first.


This marketing blog has not yet become a business so we work laissez-faire. Once it does in the near future, all communications and documentation will be formalised.

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If you have any issues on the website; if you want to contribute, partner or promote please use this form to get in touch with us, or email to [email protected]