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All about marketing concepts, sales techniques, strategy and insight on a weekly basis.

The act of sales and marketing can be defined as – “activities for selling and advertising products, and for increasing sales by understanding what customers want, how much they are willing to pay, what they are willing to do and what are their motives.”

This marketing blog is filled with many interesting articles about marketing concepts, approaches and techniques, processes and procedures. It also encompasses sales and psychology.

Learn about marketing concepts you thought were only possible in large corporations. A college degree definitely helps, but much of this information is now open source – and this means – choice. Improve your game. Improve your marketing. Make your choice.

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Since the modern world made the internet an inevitable part, to grow any business, the present competitive marketplace demands smart digital marketing strategies. Startups and small businesses should follow the most profitable…

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Reaching out to targeted clients at the right time is everything that Digital marketing is. Today, with the technology and digitalization, the best way to develop your business is through online customer…

Tag: Marketing
Peter Stocker

Merger of Data Platforms

Vendors will start trying to merge customer data platforms and data management platforms. Achieving a valid point of view of a customer’s purchase journey has been the way to go for marketers…

Tag: Marketing
Paul Grute

Privacy Regulations & First-Party data

Privacy Regulations will make first-party data even more pivotal It’s no lie that companies oftentimes struggle with not only collecting but understanding the data they gather from customers as a result of…

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